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This Information is for owners that have purchased unit windows from Florida Window and
Door. It is intended to clear up some confusion about the process.

  1. After you sign the contract and put 25% down you will get a call to schedule an a.m. or
    p.m. appointment to measure the unit windows. This takes approximately 10 minutes.
    You should ask about possible charges to remove and replace your window coverings
    and left or right movement of any horizontal sliders.
  2. You will receive a registered letter from Sunray Construction Solutions. This is not a lien
    but instead how you can protect yourself regarding payment of Sub Contractors like L &
    M windows that manufactures your windows. This is standard for Florida when Subs
    are used.
  3. You will be notified when your permit has been applied for and issued by Collier County.

Florida Windows and Door will notify you when your windows are being manufactured
and when done.

  1. 6-8 Weeks after measurements’ you will get a call to schedule an installation of your
    windows. One and two bedroom non end unit installations without sliders take 2-3
    hours, end units 3-4 hours. Add 1-2 hours for units with sliders.
  2. Florida Windows & Door will schedule two inspections at the discretion of Collier
    County. One for wind code and one for fire code. Both inspectors might come together,
    or might come at different times or days. Someone has to be present for all
    inspections’. If Collier County has to return the owner is responsible for additional
    costs. These are Collier County rules, not Florida Window & Door. Collier County is not
    very flexible.
  3. If inspections fail Florida Window & Door is responsible to correct and reschedule at no
    cost to you. Within two weeks of passing the inspection you should receive a release of
    lien and a Florida Window & Door lifetime warranty. If you do not, call Florida Window
    & Door.
  4. On July 1st, 2015 Collier County will revise codes. They are themselves not sure
    about the changes. Your permit must be issued before July 1st, 2015, or you will
    be responsible for all cost effecting changes.
  5. If Florida Window & Door wants to assess a storage fee for delayed installs that
    is between you and them.

This window offer was to provide owners a bulk price to replace 40 year old windows with
water intrusion issues. It has been entirely voluntary. Nine companies were asked to bid but
only four bids were assembled. Florida Window & Door offered the best overall considering
price, quality and ability to perform. At this point each owner decided for themselves. Those
that contracted with Florida Window & Door saved a minimum of $2000.00. The rumor mill of
problems has been unfounded. Florida Window & Door has done everything they have
committed too. I hope that your experience has, or will be as good as it has been for the
majority of us and the rumor that board members got free windows is not true, however, in my
opinion, they should have in light of all they do for Turtle lake.

Ron Olson
Board Member



In January 2015 Turtle Lakes Golf Colony submitted an appeal to FEMA challenging the previous
ruling to place us in a flood zone. In May we won the appeal for all Turtle lakes buildings and
have been designated in an X Zone meaning not a flood zone. If you do not have a mortgage
on your unit this change will have no impact on you and whether you take out flood insurance
or not, is a personal decision. If you have a mortgage on your unit, your lender or bank will
require official proof that FEMA changed you to a non-flood X Zone.

The form is called a Letter of Mapping Amendment (LOMA), and is available:
(1) On Turtle Lake’s web-site (, or

(2) You can pick up a copy at the office

(3) Monday-Friday 9-3

There are some lenders that will require the unit owner to carry flood insurance no matter
what the FEMA designation. It would not be equitable to spend all owners’ fees for a policy
that is not mandated and benefits a few. Therefore, the Board of Directors has voted not to
renew the flood insurance policy as we are no longer in a flood zone.


On Wednesday, July 1, 2015, management will be putting one copy of the new Rules &
Regulations in each unit and you will be able to find them on the web page

Please make sure to tell anyone who will be in your unit during that time that management will
be coming in the unit and leaving a copy.

Also, the Board and Management encourage you to do the following:

  1. Read & familiarize yourself with the new Rules & Regulations.
  2. Encourage anyone in the unit to read the new Rules & Regulations.

This will answer questions about the expected conduct of anyone on the property at any time.
Thank you in advanced for reading and telling your renters and guest to read them also.

Board of Directors and Management